Some of our dishes may contain nuts and other allergen ingredients. If you have any food allergy, please speak to our staff members about the ingredients in your meal, before placing your order.
Thank you.
Torta di Granchio starter(1) 8.95 main (2) 16.95
Freshly baked handmade crabcake served on toasted ciabatta with lemon and parsley sauce
Gamberoni alla Grigliata starter(4) 8.95 main(8) 16.95
Chargrilled tiger prawns tossed in garlic chilli and white wine sauce, served on bed of wild rocket leaves
Piatto Antipasto for 2 13.95 for 3 19.95
Parma ham, bresaola, salami milano, buffalo mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, mix olives, on bed of rocket leaves served with homemade bread
Calamari alla Siciliana 7.45
Squid rings cooked in chopped tomato, onion, garlic and chili sauce and served with toasted ciabatta
Buffalo Salerno (V)(N) 6.95
Buffalo mozzarella with grilled aubergine, courgette and sundried tomato, all dressed with homemade fresh pesto sauce
Bruschetta al Pomodoro (V) 5.75
Chopped tomato with basil, garlic, oregano, e.v. olive oil and parsley served on toasted ciabatta slices on bed of rocket leaves
Funghi di Bosco (V) 5.95
Mushrooms in tomato sauce topped with mozzarella, baked in stone oven, served with toasted ciabatta
Pane (Breads)
With garlic 4.95
With mozzarella cheese & garlic 5.95
With e.v. olive oil, rosemary, oregano&sea salt 5.25
Olive Miste (V) 3.95 (with homemade bread 5.95)
Home marinated mix Italian olives
Gamberi e Salmone 13.95
Smoked salmon slices, prawns, artichoke, baby salad leaves and capers with fresh basil sauce
Barbabietola (V)(N) 12.25
Beetroot, goat cheese, baby salad leaves, and walnut with e.v. olive oil, Italian balsamic glaze and beetroot juice
Il Nostro Pollo 12.95
Freshly grilled chicken fillet, roasted mix peppers, avocado, baby salad leaves, shaved parmesan and toasted brown bread sticks, served with caesar sauce
PAELLA a touch of Spain
Paella Tradizionale 14.95
Spanish chorizo, chicken strips, squid, mussels, prawns, mix peppers, onion, peas, paella rice, red wine, herbs, saffron, touch of garlic and chili
Paella Marinara (add chicken 1.50) 14.45
Mix seafood, mix peppers, onion, peas, paella rice, white wine, herbs, saffron, touch of garlic and chili
Paella Carne 13.95
Spanish chorizo, smoked bacon, chicken fillet slices, quality pork sausages, mix peppers, onion, paella rice, red wine, saffron, touch of garlic and chili
Paella Pollo e Chorizo 13.25
Chicken fillet strips, Spanish chorizo, mix peppers, onion, peas, paella rice, saffron, garlic and chilli
Filetto Di Manzo 24.95
Chargrilled Beef Tenderloin served with rocket leaves & roast cherry tomatoes in balsamic vinegar and chips (Sauces: mushroom or peppercorn)
Sirloin Bistecca Grigliata 18.45
Around 8/9 oz beef sirloin served same as above (Sauces: mushroom or peppercorn)
La Casa Burger (Served with chips or salad) 11.95
Beef burger, Parma ham, mozzarella, salad leaves, gherkin, onion, Heinz ketchup & mayonnaise
Salmone alla Livornese 16.95
Wild salmon fillet cooked in chardonnay with capers, olives, red onion, parsley, cherry tomatoes, touch of fresh garlic and chilli
Filetto Di Merluzzo 14.25
Cod fillet cooked in chardonnay with artichokes, asparagus, sundried tomato, parsley, touch of garlic and chilli
Alla Milanese 13.45
Fresh chicken Breast in readcrumb, deep fried, served with spaghetti pomodoro.
Valdostana 14.45
Chargrilled chicken breast topped with roasted ham and mozzarella, finished in stone oven
Branzino ai Gamberetti 17.95
Seabass fillet and king prawns with chardonnay, cherry tomatoes, onion, basil, parsley, chopped garlic and touch of chilli
Chicken Veal
Vecchia Napoli 13.95 15.95
Chargrilled chicken breast or veal with chopped tomato sauce and topped with mozzarella melted in stone oven
Romana 13.95 15.95
Chargrilled chicken breast or veal with creamy mushrooms and pancetta sauce
Gorgonzola 14.95 16.95
Chargrilled fresh chicken breast served with creamy mushroom, spinach and gorgonzola sauce
Al Marsala 14.95 16.95
Chargrilled chicken breast or veal served with mushrooms, sundried tomato and fresh spinach in marsala wine
Rocket & Parmesan 4.95
Creamy Spinach 4.25
Tomato Red Onion 3.25
Mix Salad Leaves 3.25
Roast Vegetables 3.55
Zucchine Fritte 3.55
Sauté New Potatoes 3.55
Steak Cut Chips 3.25
(add chicken to any risotto for 1.50)
Alla Marinara 14.95
Mix seafood, carnaroli rice, homemade tomato sauce, parmesan, touch of garlic & chili
Gorgonzola (V) 13.95
Carnaroli rice, gorgonzola piccante, sundried tomato, asparagus and porcini mushrooms
Del Veneto (V) 12.95
Carnaroli rice, roast vegetables, goat cheese and rocket leaves
Classico (V) 10.95
Carnaroli rice, mushroom and parmesan cheese
Please advise us of any dietary requirements or allergies. Some of our dishes may contain traces of nuts, dairy and wheat products or other allergens.
Feel free to replace type of pasta in your dish with spinach and ricotta filling ravioli for 1.50 (Except Lasagne)
Nero di Seppia 15.95
Linguini pasta in black cuttlefish ink sauce, topped with mix seafood cooked separately in butter, garlic, chilli, parsley and chardonnay sauce, served with rocket leaves
Gamberi e Spinaci (N) 15.95
Linguini pasta, king prawns, a tiger prawn and fresh baby spinach leaves in creamy sauce
Frutti di Mare 14.95
Linguini pasta, mix seafood, homemade tomato sauce, onion, parsley, garlic, touch of chilli
Al Salmone 13.45
Linguini pasta and smoked salmon in creamy pink sauce
Pollo Pesto (N) 12.45
Tortiglioni pasta, roast chicken slices, mushroom and broccoli in creamy pesto sauce
Salsiccia e Pomodoro 12.95
Tortiglioni pasta, spicy Italian sausage, cherry tomatoes, touch of garlic & chilli served with rocket leaves
Amatriciana 11.65
Bucatini pasta, chopped tomato sauce, bacon, olives, parsley, fresh chilli and garlic
Al Forno 11.45
Tortiglioni pasta, chicken fillet slices and porcini mushrooms with creamy sauce topped with mozzarella and baked in stone oven
Carbonara 11.45
Spaghetti pasta, pancetta, egg yolk, cream, garlic and black pepper
Bolognese 11.45
Spaghetti pasta with homemade beef sauce
Lasagne della Casa 11.45
Homemade beef lasagne with béchamel and tomato sauce
Arrabbiata (V) 9.95
Tortiglioni pasta, homemade tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, garlic and lots of chilli
Pomodoro (V) 9.25
Tortiglioni pasta, homemade tomato sauce, parsley
Extras charged at 1.20 each but may vary for some items.
Salmon e Spinaci (Calzone) 14.45
Folded pizza smoked salmon, fresh spinach and goat cheese with cream sauce
Tutte le Carni 13.45
Pizza sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, roasted ham, chorizo, salami Milano, onion and mix peppers
All Italiana 13.45
Pizza sauce, buffalo mozzarella (cold), parma ham, rocket and parmesan
La Casa 13.45
Pizza sauce, mozzarella, ham, mushroom, pepperoni, onion, peppers
Con Carne (Calzone) 13.15
Folded pizza with ham, pepperoni, mushroom, mozzarella and pizza sauce
Melanzana (V) 12.45
Pizza sauce, buffalo mozzarella (cold), grilled aubergine, rocket and e.v. olive oil
Fiorentina (V) 12.45
Pizza sauce, mozzarella, fresh spinach, garlic and egg
Etna 12.45
Pizza sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, mix peppers, onion, chili flakes
Caprino (V) 12.45 (add pepperoni 1.20)
Pizza sauce, mozzarella, goat cheese, caramelised red onion, mix peppers, rocket leaves
Napolitano 10.95
Pizza sauce, mozzarella, anchovies, capers and olives
Semplice (V) 8.95
Pizza sauce, mozzarella
We only use our own dough and sauce for our pizzas baking them in bespoke stone oven.

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